How are you?

I would like to know how you all are doing right now? Tell me all about your lives, relationships, families, jobs, and hobbies. Sanything and everything, I am here to listen!
I am sending good vibes and warm wishes to you all!


Well, I did get to work my 1st week since my daughter was born. It was only 1 week though. I didnt get to work this week and no work next week due to the holiday. But, I think we are getting a sitter to stay at the house full time for me to go travel and work with my husband. Now, I want to get drunk!!

Ah shit, I finally have work!!

Thank goodness, I finally found a babysitter for my daughter. Also, I finally got a schedule for work, starting Monday!! I can not explain how exciting this is. But, I can say I need it, as our vehicles are up for repossession again and we have been skirting eviction from our home for a while now. I just want to pay bills. So, with getting work and a babysitter,  I am now nervous though. I have not been away from my baby for longer than a few minutes for a doctors appointment, since she was born. But, maybe this will help her get into a better routine since she will not be around me all the time, it will give her some time away too!

Sex last night!

Last night I finally had an orgasm!!!! I think it had been at least a few months due to having our baby and the issues from that. 

Before sex….a nice warm bath!

Today I am so tired. I feel like I may be coming down with something, but maybe I am just sleep deprived. A small nap has helped some, but now I feel like I need to down a gallon of water immediately!

One day…

One day I would like to….

Live in upstate New York or Ireland.

Have all of our kids live with us permanently, instead of having to split time with their other parents.

Start a tiny house intentional community and farm or commune. One where my kids could have their own tiny house and plot of land.

Own my own house on my own land.

Be able to live comfortably with all of my bills paid and up to date.

Get back to the club and into the swing of things…

Have friends that are female and be able to trust them!

Have a beer and a cookout with Ryan Reynolds, former President Barack Obama and Michelle, Matt Graham, Stephen Amell, Vin Diesel (and a game of D and D with him), Michelle Rodriguez, and Keanu Reeves….this includes their significant others. 

Play more D and D. 

Have more time for my hobbies such as soap making, jewelry making, reading, writing, sewing and making clothing, and sex and kinky stuff.

Finish writing my book I started so many years ago.

Feel useful, beautiful, sexy, and mentally functional again.