Ah shit, I finally have work!!

Thank goodness, I finally found a babysitter for my daughter. Also, I finally got a schedule for work, starting Monday!! I can not explain how exciting this is. But, I can say I need it, as our vehicles are up for repossession again and we have been skirting eviction from our home for a while now. I just want to pay bills. So, with getting work and a babysitter,  I am now nervous though. I have not been away from my baby for longer than a few minutes for a doctors appointment, since she was born. But, maybe this will help her get into a better routine since she will not be around me all the time, it will give her some time away too!

Sex last night!

Last night I finally had an orgasm!!!! I think it had been at least a few months due to having our baby and the issues from that. 

Before sex….a nice warm bath!

Today I am so tired. I feel like I may be coming down with something, but maybe I am just sleep deprived. A small nap has helped some, but now I feel like I need to down a gallon of water immediately!

One day…

One day I would like to….

Live in upstate New York or Ireland.

Have all of our kids live with us permanently, instead of having to split time with their other parents.

Start a tiny house intentional community and farm or commune. One where my kids could have their own tiny house and plot of land.

Own my own house on my own land.

Be able to live comfortably with all of my bills paid and up to date.

Get back to the club and into the swing of things…

Have friends that are female and be able to trust them!

Have a beer and a cookout with Ryan Reynolds, former President Barack Obama and Michelle, Matt Graham, Stephen Amell, Vin Diesel (and a game of D and D with him), Michelle Rodriguez, and Keanu Reeves….this includes their significant others. 

Play more D and D. 

Have more time for my hobbies such as soap making, jewelry making, reading, writing, sewing and making clothing, and sex and kinky stuff.

Finish writing my book I started so many years ago.

Feel useful, beautiful, sexy, and mentally functional again.

Over a year!

Okay, so I have not posted in over a year due to some circumstances we encountered…. 

1. I had to stop going to school and work more. 

2. I had to get a new job because they didn’t want to pay me more or increase my hours.

3. My husband lost his job.

4. I got pregnant and had a beautiful baby girl!

5. I can not afford any of my bills… I am talking possible eviction, vehicle repossession, not even being able to go back to work to even pay my bills.

6. I had complications after the baby, part of my nipple fell off and that breast is still numb.

7. I had surgery and had to recover from that.

8. My oldest daughter, who just turned 11, started her period.

9. Me and my husband discussed being polyamorous.

10. My husband has had difficulties finding another full time job, due to his court issues. 

So, in a nutshell this is what has gone on in the past year…

11. Oh my husband had a girlfriend last year that he was keeping things from me about, and we had a lot of trust issues. She actually lived with us for a time…. also, she got married and then moved out and took our white cat with her.

12. Oh, I forgot to mention I got married within a week of that last post over a year ago.

Okay, now that seems like most of it. In general, things keep snowballing. It would get better if I could get a sitter or daycare for free so I can go back to work. 

Anyway, I hope you all are doing well and have not experienced any hard ships. What has your year been like??

New kittens!


So, my cat had her litter of kittens this past Friday night. After work, I went to go pick up a bed for her to get used to laying in. I figured she had a couple of weeks left. When I got home with the bed, my kids said she was peeing everywhere….yep, her water had broken. As she was very clingy and restless, I had her follow me to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, I set out the bed I got for her and shut her in for about 10 minutes. When I came back she was laying down in the bed and purring up a storm. Within a few hours she had pushed out 2 “clones” of her and the father.

Here are the kittens!


Our Astrid and Bernard have cute kittens. Bernard mated with Astrid before we had the chance to get him fixed. And, now that she had the kittens,  we can get her fixed. Even though I would like to keep them, alas I can not. I must find a good home for them. Preferably together, but they do not have to be.

Here are Astrid and Bernard…





Anyway, I hope that you all have a fantastic Wednesday!

I am sending out good vibes and warm wishes for you all!

A diaphragm?

Yes, a diaphragm. I am trying to find a place that can fill my prescription for one of these blasted things. It seems there are no places in my city that can fill it. All I want is non-hormonal birth control. Damn, this sucks.

Well, either way I am sending you all good vibes and warm wishes!  Peace, love, and much happiness!